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 [others] How to use DICE

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PostSubject: [others] How to use DICE   Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:05 pm

In this game we'll going to use DICE to decide almost everything,
since its will be totally RANDOM

as you can see,the box u usually use to post is QUICK REPLY
its DIFFERENT from REPLY TOPIC option which are on top/below the page.

so in order to use THE DICE u need to choose REPLY TOPIC
on the options next to OTHERS you can see the pic of dice like this

and then there will be options of basic(6 faced dice), 5 face diced, 8 faced dice..

[roll="Basic"] [/roll]

u dont need to put any number there, and when u post it..

voila~ there's random no will comes out.

So, tats the basic how to use the dice...

we'll goin to use dice very often in this game, so make sure you know how to use it
(one of them will be BATTLE, deciding whether ur ATK is successful/failed/critical
and random items, also for mining and fishing...)


Need help?Questions?PM me or go to the Question topic.

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[others] How to use DICE
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