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 Character Descriptions :) ?

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PostSubject: Character Descriptions :) ?   Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:53 pm

Hellooo :]

I have a suggestion !

It would be really fantastical if we could have character descriptions. We do.. but you know? more in depth maybe Smile

This is an add on to what you already have

Perhaps uhmm.. hmm.. here I'll type an example

Name : (of character)

Gender : (Male/female/no gender)

Age : (Age of character)

Date of Birth : (Birth Date)

Race : (Human, Elf, Dwarf, etc)

Occupation 1st & 2nd: (Jobs, so that would out of the selections you've made Smile)

Title : (Sort of like... What you are known for?

Overview : (An Optional part, explaining additional details about your character)

Appearance : (Hair colour, Height, Weight, Eye colour, Muscle Mass, etc, and scars, extra little detailed bits.)

Clothing : ( What your character wears usually )

Personality ( The personality of your character )

Strengths : ( List 3 strengths )

Weaknesses : ( List 3 weaknesses )

History : ( describe Your characters background story, where they came from, etc, family...?)

Weapons : ( Your characters weapons, if theyve got any)

Belongings : (Things that are important to them )

Extra Details : ( Anything they would like to add )

And then You would still keep the likes dislikes thing as your signature :] because that is the most importanttt ! >:]

But that maybe on your profiles, etc.


Just a thought :]

I thought it would really bring out the role playing bit to it :]

~ Ettivy Amko

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Character Descriptions :) ?
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