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 Presentation of The Boiling Cauldron all-kinds-of-potion shop

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PostSubject: Presentation of The Boiling Cauldron all-kinds-of-potion shop   Sun Apr 20, 2008 3:20 am

Here is a list of the things I sell and provide in my meagre shop. The prices vary according to my mood and sometimes how well I like you, but their range is written in their subtitles. I do not only accept monetary prices, I also take payment in the form of good alcohol, or any precious things you can offer. I have taken care not to cross the line between those under my power and those of a doctor. I am not a doctor. I only provide cures for diseases which are otherwise incurable. I also provide services such as readings and midwifery. Take confidence in my knowledge. I am well trained in my field.

Full credit for the jewelry pictures goes to Moonlit Creations from Deviant Art [moonlitcreations.deviantart.com]

Cures for ailments and unknown diseases 100G-750G
Relieve for all aches and pains
Takes away any discomfort or pain your body suffers from temporarily.

The Seven-Day fever
a cure for a disease where you suffer from a fever for seven days and then die.

Aeryxandra's all-purpose cure
I solemnly swear a witch's oath that this will cure truly all unexplained diseases.

Spells 130G-300G
Safe Journey
Travellers need worry no more.
Lasts till the end of your journey

Gives you faith in yourself
Lasts for 24 hours

Increases your likelihood of success in anything at all.
Lasts for 24 hours

The effects of this spell is variable and subjected to your preference. Imagination is the limit. Whether you'd have a person turn into a toad or a chair, you decide.
Lasts for 24 hours

Protection for your home
Protects your home from unfriendly magic and mundane harm upto a certain degree.
Lasts until the end of time.

Protection for a person
Protects you from unfriendly magic and mundane harm upto a certain degree.
Lasts for 72 hours

Hides you from the ordinary eye. Still susceptible to magical sight.
Lasts for 24 hours

Invisibility from the magic eye
Renders you undetectable by magical means. Good against those who wish to spy upon you by crystal balls.
Lasts for 24 hours

Prevents diseases or ailments.
Lasts for 72 hours

Potent Potions 300G-1000G

Charm potions 15000G
Often mistaken as a love potion, charm potion is given to the person you want to charm. It will make you more likeable in his/her eyes and he/she will be more willing and open when itcomes to social interactionc. It's like a social lubricant. Do not mistake this for love.

Health potions
It does NOT heal you. Only a doctor can. What it does is it gives your body temporary endurance (e.g. in a battle) so that it is noe affected as much by the damages it received. Also relieves fatigue and stamina.

Mana Potions
Increases your magic powers and make them last longer. Only for those who already HAVE magic powers.

Mermaid's tears
Heals any external injury.

Amulets and Charms 1000G-3000G

Eye of the Wolf
A ruby decorated charm for protection, peace and courage.

Cassandra's Gift
Amethyst charm with pentacle for a double effect: protection and psychic perceptibility.

Cassandra's Gift
Cassandra's gift in earrings.

Aphrodite's Manacle
Moonstone for loyalty, everlasting love, peace and happiness. Pentacle for luck and protection. Give it to your loved one and tie a bond between the two of you.

Tricircle Protection Necklace
For protection agaisnt danger, evil and diseases.

Tricircle Protection Necklace with Moonstone
Protection against danger, evil and diseases. Moonstone adds peace and happiness.

Alexandrite Pentacle
For good business, wealth and protection agaisnt thieves.

Triple Pentacle
Made of three different metals. Silver: Love, peace, protection. Gold: power and success. Copper: health and luck.

TriCrescent Moonstone Necklace
Give it to the person you like for luck in your love life. The heart shall yearn and grow fonder.

For nights of peacful and undisturbed sleeps free of nightmares. Also offers protection against harm, magical or non-magical, while you sleep. They are made of Golden Thread I personally wove and blue feathers from my parrot.


Readings and Divination 300G-1000G
Tea leaves
Crystal Ball

Midwifery 1000G-3000G
Service in demand. Anytime. Except during the night of full moon.
Blessing 2000G
Your house or your dead, or your life.
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Presentation of The Boiling Cauldron all-kinds-of-potion shop
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