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Harvest moon where you fight monsters just like Rune Factory...Create your own character, Socialize and Lvl Ups!
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PostSubject: Hello..............   Mon Aug 09, 2010 1:26 am

Name :Muhai

Age :17


Work Desired :Bartender/Barkeeper

Birthday :summer 29

The House you Want :Any house will do.

The Name of your Farm/Store or whatever else (but not of your house) :POWER

Location of your shop(N/W/S):W

Location of your house(N/S/W/E):N

These other thing, you have to put them in your signature :

The Thing I Love the Best in the World:To be alone.

3 Thing I Like : Water,Meat,Books

3 Thing I Dislike :Herbs,Insects,Stupidity

The Thing I hate the most:Annoying people
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