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 Rqs- Prayer, Poncho, and Pub

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PostSubject: Rqs- Prayer, Poncho, and Pub   Sun Aug 02, 2009 7:21 am

Serously sorry, but I have a few requests I need filled, in order to effectivly meet my backround. Apologizes if these can not be given, I will modify accordingly.

1. Type- (Spc.) Divinity- The Goddess is for me. Through latent emotion and conection to the soil, the Harvest Goddess has smiled upon me. Although barred from other types, i do not starve as nature will provide me with my NEEDS (not wants). Over time, I may develop new talents.

2. Poncho house- My house is a militery style poncho hut, as I'm flat broke, have no carpentry skills, and just wandered into town today and stayed on a whim. How will this affect me, statistic wise?

3. A Job?- As I am to old for apprenticeship, yet have obviously made no advance arragements, I will need to create my own bussiness ( unless someone is kind enough to spot me later and offer me livelyhood, the Goddess would aprove) Is their and abadoned and/or decrepit building somewere near a cluster of beehives? I make a mean mead!
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Rqs- Prayer, Poncho, and Pub
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