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 Dream Saga, where the story begins when you are fast asleep

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PostSubject: Dream Saga, where the story begins when you are fast asleep   Sun Sep 28, 2008 3:08 am

This is Ragnafillia talking over here.
Welcome to Dream Saga, we the people of Dream World are waiting for you,
so please come and help us!

To enter the Dream World, now please click this link



this is page torn from the book of beginning, it explains how the Dream World is created and the legend of Chosen Ones come from

Quote :


Once upon a time, when the world is still in darkness and
chaos, where there's no sky nor land, slowly from the fog appearing
from the space. After million years, the fog became an ocean and called
"The Ocean of Life". Omega, the God created Sky from the nearby fog,
and his body as the land of living creatures, and his soul as the Sun
which shines the world each day and nurture the living things, giving
its warmth. The world is called Earth.

Omega, had 3 children and is given task to take care of the Earth. The
three was, Chaos, the God of Sea, Gaiya, the Goddess of Land, and Seth,
the God of Sky. They all perform their task very well, until one day,
Seth, the God of Sky fell in love with Gaiya, the Goddess of Land.
Their love giving a new life called human. These humans are the
descendant of the Gods, therefore they have higher intelligent compared
to the other living creatures. Soon, the Earth is filled with humans
with various things they created. Chaos jealous toward the love of the
two Gods, slowly filled with hatred.

Chaos who feels intimidated by pressence of Human and his feeling became the source of all the Chaos and destructions.
Chaos asked Gaiya to give descendant for him, however she refused, and
he became furious. The Ocean rose and engulf the land of Earth. Many
human are dead and so the other living things. Gaiya who loved humans
and her love Seth, tried to stop Chaos and this became an event called The Fight of Gods

In this "Fight of Gods" Chaos using his power manipulated human to
become his army and fight for him. With his power as well, he lied to
Omega and in this war, he ordered a human to cut an arm of Seth.Since
then, Seth doesnt trust human anymore, he left Gaiya and humans. From
the blood shed by Seth, a new life formed and this creature are called
Migu (kirby are from these).
This creature has similar intelligent with humans.

To stop this war, Gaiya sacrificed herself and created a new world
called Dream World and take the remaining humans which has not been
manipulated by Chaos over. From her tears many lifes are made and they
resides in the Dream World. She appoints a several of them and gave
them powers to take care of the world, while she was away.

After thousand of years, Chaos who are still unahppy with Gaiya's
decision came to Dream World seeking for her. When he knew Gaiya was
away in search for Seth , once again he became furious and once again
want to destroy the life created by her. The guardians of the Dream
world took action to stop him, and many of them fall, and the others
are weakened. Fortunately, Gaiya came and convinced Omega to back to
the Earth. The fallen guardians are resurrected and give a new life in
the earth without knowing their true identity as the The Chosen Ones.

Now, again, Chaos trying to expand his wings of darkness in the Dream
World. The last guardian left and the weakened sages called upon the
Chosen Ones in the Earth, bring their conciousness over to the Dream
World, to save this world.


One night, you had a dream, a girl calling you

"Wa...ke up.."

"Nngh... who's that..?
I cant hear you.."

"Wake up..Save us" the voice become clearer

"Save?save who?" you asked

"The Dream World, your original homeland creation of Gaiya is in danger..We need your help..."

Before you could see her, a binding light appears,

"Please...hurry up..before its too late...the portal..dream.."

her last message is not clear, after thinking about what she said , you fall asleep.
Instead of dreaming, you fell from the sky..and land off in the land.
A totally different land from the Earth, the scenary was more tranquil, peace, and green..
but you can see from the horizon, there's black cloud eventhough the Sun shining in the sky..
There's one thing that you could think of, and you said it in a soft voice,

"Dream land"

In a distand land of unknown place, you need to search the reason why you are called into this world.
Now, begin your journey and unfold the story!


Welcome to Dream Saga..

To enter the Dream World, now please click this link


Need help?Questions?PM me or go to the Question topic.

My site!http://harvestmoon-rpg.forumotion.com

HM Fansite!http://www.freewebs.com/harvestmoon-world/

My Artworks in deviantart. http://lunatia.deviantart.com/

"Anyone that doesnt cry cant be strong. No matter what happens, after you cry, then you can face the problem better.But, crying when need to cry is another way to show strength"
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PostSubject: Re: Dream Saga, where the story begins when you are fast asleep   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:31 am

Worst forum evar.
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Dream Saga, where the story begins when you are fast asleep
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