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 Getting New Idea's

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PostSubject: Getting New Idea's   Wed Aug 13, 2008 7:18 pm

Sam was walking through his shop feeding and brushing the monsters before he walked out the back to his Ushi's who were wandering about the field when Sam put out their feed then after they finished he carefully lined up his Ushi's then went though then brushing milking and talking to each one before heading off to another building which had all his Dandy's inside except for the few that liked escaping and wandering around at night he collected their eggs, feed them and brushed them.
Afterwards he left and walked into one of the monster houses which housed his favourite monster Chip the Chipp. He feed him brushed him then sat down on a chair and started talking to Chip. Chip jumped up on Sam's should and waited.
"Chip we need to do something about business it's not doing too well at all I've barely got any room left for more monsters customers need to come other wise the monsters will break free and room anywhere they want and i wouldn't be able to look after them....."
Chip stuck his head near Sam's ear and made a series of noises then Sam stood up and siad.
"Chip that's a great idea thanks!"
Sam exited the house and went into his shop.
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Getting New Idea's
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