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 Posting style

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grim heathen
grim heathen

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PostSubject: Posting style   Mon Jul 07, 2008 6:54 pm

The posting quality and they way they are not being seperated by forum area type makes me sad and die alittle inside.

When postin in a general area people should post in the following manner-

I loved the new final fantasy video game,
it was awesome an the main character was really cool.
Did anyone else think it was super amazing?
((Adding color can add a personal flare, but try and use darker colors
that are easier to read, ligther colors will caused eye staire and give
people headaches and make misreadings more common.))

You guys seem to have this down pretty good......but role playing
posts......for the most part....cry...sob.

When posting in an Rp area you should include movement and
enviorment reaction, if you use a book formate or a more simple one
that is up to you. Here is an example of good rp area postin-

Amanda wandered through the garden, her fingers gently carresing
the flowers and plants as she walked by. The sun shone down on her
skin, giving her a warm feeling. Then as she wanderd joyfully around
the graden she herd a rustling among the plant life.

It feels so nice here. ((this is an example of thought formed into a
word form, allowing readers to tell what she is thinking on a more
verbal scale without makeing her talk to herself. Although you could
simply add this into a description of the scene. Such as saying, she
felt calm among the flowers.))

"Is someone there?" ((you could add vocal description like, her voice
cracked with a slight paranoia, if you so choose it all depends on
personal style))

As she looked around her mild fear subsided asshe realised it was just
a timid bunny roaming through the tall grass.

This is a good example of a detailed Rping post. It has backround. It
lets people know that it is warm outside and that it is probably mid-
day. The post has a clear difference in backround character
movement, verbal communication, description of emotions, as well as
personal thoughts. You can make these things aparent through use of
colors, format, paragraphing, qutation usage. It all comes up to a
personal style.

Heres an example of things I've seen in dialoge posts done very very

Ted posts: Hi suzzie can I have some ice cream?

Suzzie Posts((three days latter)): Oh Of course I'll have the utensils
make it they are great at making fancy ice cream dishes.

Ted posts: What the utensils can move?

Suzzie posts((two days latter)): Yes I put a spell on them.

Ted Posts: Wow this is great Ice cream.

Problems- The posts are cold...very cold, no real emotion, stiff, and
boring. There is no description of whats going on, none...notta. It
dosen't tell us that he was given ice cream or that the objects in the
room are moving on there own. If all we as readers know is what the
people are saying then a dragon could be killing people in the ice
cream parlor and we wouldn't have any clue about it until some post
was made like "Well we should take care of the dragon that is killing
people."....what?! Also Time in real life that has passed. If you want
to make the story realistic at all it seems like ted has been there for
over a week. If you enter an area you should say your character a
building/area and looks around or asks if anyone is there. Then you
leave your character in one place for awhile see if you get a response
and if not move on to a differnt area.

Here is an example of how those posts could have been improved.

Ted posts:
Ted walks into the ice cream parlor and look around.

"Hello I'd like to get something to eat please."

Suzie Posts:
Suzie, who was cleaning of the counter near the smoothie maker,
looks over at the customer.

"Hi I'm suzie, what can I get for you today I suggest you look over
our speacials today. They are all very nice, my favorite is the green
peperment." (( see how more than one sentence is in the qutation
marks? This is a way to make talking easier, if you want to include
vocal description in a post this is impossible; however if you'd like to
keep it simple I suggest this. You can say alot quickly and with few
run on sentences.))

As she talks many of the objects around the room move as if they
have a life of their own and perform various tasks around the store.
((now we know about the magcal items through description and not
through conversation))

Ted Posts:
"That sounds nice thank you"

Ted walks over to the counter and sits down in one of the bar stools.
He then looks over the menu. He is desturbed by the moving objects
but chooses not to say anything about it and instead just pretend it
isn't happening. All he cares about at the moment is ice cream.
((notice that he is describing the room now, if the beging post in the
topic describes the room he can do this, if not then he is altering the
room and sinse the room and topic belong to Suzie this is a wrong and
he shouldn't do it. This statment also shows politley that tedhasno
intrest in the spell suzie has put on the items, she tried to bring it up
but Ted had no intrested and he showed it in a subtle way.
Suzie could force it into the conversation latter, but that would be
kind of rude since he's shown he has no intrest.))

"Hmm how is the chocolate chip ice cream special?"
((here he names off an item on the menu, again if it was listed
previously he can do this if not, he should rephrase the statment, "Do
you have choclate chip ice cream?" Or Suzie should have told him in
her last post all the speacials they have.))

Suzie does not post for an extended period of time and Ted wishes to
use his character somewhere else.

Ted posts:
Ted enjoys some of the womens ice cream , pays her accordingly,
thanks her and then goes on his way.
((he leaves the building in a way that isn't stiff such as, "Ted leaves."
It allows for closer, lets ted go somewhere else and still adds
description and storyline. This post also hasan example of dialouge
indescriptive form. You can do this with simple things and get away
with it easily. Such as "she asks him why and waits for an
explination", or "Brian says no thank you andreturns to his work
wishing the man good luck somewhere else."

Suzie posts((two days latter)):
Suzie thanks the man, has no customers for the rest of the day and
closes up shop. She locks up and goes home.
(( this ends that scene and allows her to pretend it is the same day
then she can take her character home put her to bed and wake her in
the same post if she desires. This lets her keep some kind of realistic
timeline and still interact with ted's character even though he really
isn't there anymore. This also shows to people that no one is in the
store and that it is closed, so any posts should be made from outside
the store unless people want to be breaking into a building. LOL
Notice thatin both posts they describe what they said to the other
character but not his or her reply. Thats is the right way to do it.
Saying that ted said " I hope we meet again soon" would be an
example of Suzie god playing Teds character which is usually

This example of posting dialoge is good becasue it shows description,
flow, reason, some sort of movement of time. It allows for readers to
read something that they canenjoy onmultiple levels.
I suggest often reading posts made by others to find styles you like,
learn about things, and steal posting formats, it's shamlessbut a good
way to improve. Razz Be careful not confuse what you've read with
what your character hasactually found out about someone. I suddenly
your character starts shouting off secrets about a stranger....your
character will be called a stalker. XD

I've ranted and explained long enough in this note but I hope some of
the things I've said will be helpful and improve the overall posting of
members. Not all of it is bad but it could all be better. I'm new to this
site but like it and am trying to help improve it, so that it will last.

Last edited by grim heathen on Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:44 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Posting style   Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:22 am

i don't think anyone cares we're all too lazy
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grim heathen
grim heathen

Number of posts : 160
Age : 30
Location : Wonderland, U.S.A
Registration date : 2008-07-07

Character Status
Job-Type: Postman-Sense
Money(gold): 5000G
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PostSubject: Re: Posting style   Tue Jul 08, 2008 10:02 am

Wow way to ah...show commitment to the site in any fashion. Razz
This site is really cool and obviously a lot of work has been put into it,
but people who don't know rping edicute will make others less likely to join.
Just saying if you want people to join.........
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PostSubject: Re: Posting style   Tue Jul 08, 2008 11:07 am

Its a really good idea, but i dont think people would do that, its really tedious to change the font colour back an forth you know
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grim heathen
grim heathen

Number of posts : 160
Age : 30
Location : Wonderland, U.S.A
Registration date : 2008-07-07

Character Status
Job-Type: Postman-Sense
Money(gold): 5000G
Lvl: 1

PostSubject: Re: Posting style   Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:15 pm

Font color is really just a personal thing.
When I post myself I don't use color font's on a regular basis,
I mostly do paragraph descriptions and then space for dialouge
in qutation marks. These are just examples of ways to throw desription
into the posts makeing them a little more interesting.
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PostSubject: Re: Posting style   

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Posting style
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