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 I'll miss Ya! T_T

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PostSubject: I'll miss Ya! T_T   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:45 am

Leah entered the room, in which held the Mini Dragons. She looked sadly at her favorite one's face.
I'm gonna miss ya........ but I have to give you to Sam........ I don't sell monsters.......
A tear ran down Leah's cheek.
.............and I can't keep all 16 of you............
Leah picked up her favorite one.
You.... sob........ can choose who else you want me to........ to......... keep!
Leah fell on the floor, crying. She calmed down a bit when her Mini Dragon found a little friend.
Oh, my! She's a beauty.
Leah looked at the most beatiful Mini Dragon there. She was a bright sapphire, with a little tint of silver on the tips of her wings. She wore a diamond studded collar, and her head turned into a purplish color.
I'll keep her too. But I'll miss the rest.......
Leah got all of them to follow her, and she walked out the door, she had to give them to Sam. No matter how much she wanted to keep them..........
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PostSubject: Re: I'll miss Ya! T_T   Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:03 pm

you can keep them just don't sell them
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I'll miss Ya! T_T
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