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 Jobs and their pay

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PostSubject: Jobs and their pay   Sun Jun 15, 2008 5:16 pm

Quote :

Here are the list of the jobs available here.
There are limit of 2 people to get each of these jobs

and u can have 2 jobs!!
(u only can choose your second job in those under 2nd job list )

and for the places you want me to create-houses,farm,etc; please post in the REQUEST forum
then i'll make them for you

Jobs for Adults(16 years and above)

Animal Rancher [400G excluding sales]
description:Those who are loves animals and devoted themselves taking cares of them and breed them

Archeologist [300G excluding sales of the artifacts]---Ally, Camile
description:Those who live their live to search for the past

Bakery Owner(Baker) [300G excluding sales]---Charlie
description:the owner of the bakery,who provides yummy cakes and stuff to eat anytime.
may employ workers

Bar Keeper(Bartender [400G excluding sales]----Sabrina
description:those who are in charge of the bar whether as the owner ir the bartender

Blacksmith(armor smith) [350G excluding sales]---Alan
description:those who are specialize on making heavy armors and shield to support

Blacksmith(weaponsmith)[350G excluding sales]---Lukas
description:those who specialize on making weapons for battles

Carpenter [350G excluding sales]---- Ryan
description: The wood-work master which have the abilities to transform(work) the wood into buildings and furniture

Doctor [300G excluding medication sold and check up fees]---Selena,Andy
description:the one who help us with maintaining our health

Farmer [400G excluding sales]---Roger
description: a job where basically u do farm,plant the crops and have some livestock as your main livings

Fisherman[350G excluding sales]--Life
The man of seas, this is how people call them. Without fear of oceans
and raging storm, they sail and catch one of the gift of marine nature.

Flower& Seeds shop owner(Flowerist) [300G excluding sales]----Lady Gwenth
description:The owner of shop selling various flowers and seed.
May employ workers.

Hair Dresser
[300G exculding sales]
Their passion to make people to looks at their best is their dream.
With gift of magnificent hand to dress people's hair, amazingly they
turn people become more beautiful.

Like a Star @ heaven Harvest Goddess(NPC ONLY)
description:The kind Goddess who are stayed in this area for many centuries
may be found in the H.G.Pond only

Hot Spring Bath [300G excluding other special service]---Samantha
They are those who develop passion for hot springs, aiming to find the
best hot spring that healed and relaxed people body and mind.

Inn Keeper [300G excluding room rent]--- Greg, Elli Herbsc
description:The owner of the inn houses, they might employ workers

Librarian[250G excluding overdue fees]--Elizabeth Ann Martin
description:The one who keeps and taking care of the Library.Not an easy job,but must love books very much

Like a Star @ heaven Land Ruler---Lunatia
description:The one who are in charge of taking care of the City.
(sorry, this one only for me >_<)

Lifeguard [400G]--Ashley
description: Life saver ! Gosh, how many people would have died if there's no them watching over people in the beach/sea??

Magic teacher [300G ]
description:those who are expert in magic.sometimes they do teach their magic and choose certain apprantice.
may work in own house or teach in The Academy

Monster Rancher [400G excluding sales]----Sam
description:Those who are with ability to tame monsters and teach them so they are obidient to humans.

Nurse [300G excluding sales]--- Maria
description:those who are loyally help the doctors with their works

[ 350G excluding donation]
description: The servant of God..The women with pure heart, telling good fortunes they heard from the Great One.

Pet Shop owner[300G excluding sales] --- Leah, Doreto
Those who loves animals, tamed and teach them to be loyal to their
masters and many other skills that either can help in work or to be

Policeman [400G]--- Andrew
description: The Justice believer who ready to help people and solve problems in the city!

Postman [400G excluding other service]
--- Fox
description: The mailman has come!!! They will bring news from people you loved..

Potion maker
[350G excluding sales]---Erin Jones, Hazel
description:the person who makes various potions either to buff or used to atk enemy

Poultry owner [300G excluding sales]--Missy
description:Those who are specialize in bird family animals, taking care and breed them.

Priest [350G excluding wedding reception fees]
description:the priest of the church..the wise one

Professor (can work in own lab or teach in the training camp) [400G ]--- Kegan
description:Those with knowledge within them and use it to discover another mysteries of life

Restaurant owner(Chef) [300G excluding sales]---Jason, Bianca
description:the owner of restaurant who serves foods for those who are hungry.
may employ workers

Social Workers
[300G excluding donation]
desription:These are people who spent their days by doing social works to help people who need their helps.
They are non-profit interest people, which gladly receive donation.

--> Adoption Center Worker/owner
--> Pet Adoption Center worker/owner
--> Retirement house worker/owner

Supermarket owner [350G excluding sales] --- Naria
description:the owner of the supermarket where we buys things.
may employ workers

Tailor(specialize in light armor,robes,normal clothing) [350G excluding sales]----Bobby
description:those woa re specialize in making clothes and robes.

Training Camp instructor [400G-summer 300G-other seasons]
description:those who are in charge of training camp, which is held every SUMMER

Vineyard Keeper
[500G-fall, 200G other season, excluding sales]--Christopher
Wine Wine Wine!! They are the wine lovers, spending their time
culturing and hybriding grape plants to get the best grape to make wine.

Wand Maker
[350G excluding sales]---Jamie
description: An smithy tat specialize making wand and staff for those magic type.

Witch(these are more to the title) [450G excluding sales] --- Aeryxandra, Hazel
description:the magic users tat are afraid by peoples bcoz of the bad rumours about them

Side Jobs(2nd job other than the above)

Hero [Depends on quest taken and the lvl of the hero]----Aeryxandra, Radiance,Roger
description: These are the people who study in the Academy and do their job as a bounty hunter(do quest given by ppl/random)
They have special abilities(exception the teachers and certain ppl) and do lvl ups.

Musical Instrument player [300G every show]
description:Those who are with ability to play musical instrument to entertain ppl.

Singer [350G excluding sales]--Madison
description:Those with beautiful voice who sings fto entertain people

Jobs for kids (10-15)
Apprentice[100G excluding sales]---Rachel, Yanis
description: the kids may become a junior assistance of the jobs for adults..
as their learning stage other than go to academy for their compulsary survival skills.
in the future(when they grown up) they can take change apprentice and become one of them
(eg. apprantice witch-->witch,


They dont have anything to do, only wondering around the city,uncapable to fight monsters or even part time in shops.
(in the chara stat, the job will be blank)

if u want other jobs
which are not stated in here please tell me in request topic and i'll consider.

Those jobs which are not taken by player will be acted by Admin/Certain Mods/NPC.
If you need the assistance of those untaken job, please PM the Admin or NPC, and we'll assign someone act as them.

(name)means they are the active members who has right of their job

(name)means either they are no longer active anymore/never came/not doing their job properly.
Risk of the job taken is high (they will be considered invicible)

means they are old members who the job are taken from them.
Their job will be available for people

Need help?Questions?PM me or go to the Question topic.

My site!http://harvestmoon-rpg.forumotion.com

HM Fansite!http://www.freewebs.com/harvestmoon-world/

My Artworks in deviantart. http://lunatia.deviantart.com/

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Jobs and their pay
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