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 Price List

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Location : Somerset, England
Job(in the game) : Baker
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PostSubject: Price List   Thu May 08, 2008 4:35 pm

This is the price list for The Cookie Jar...

Bread: 25G
Bagels: 15G
Baguettes: 100G each
Sandwiches: 50G each
Wedding Cake (to order): 1000G Per Tier
Extra Large Cakes: 500G Each
Large Cakes: 250G Each
Medium Cakes: 125G Each
Small Cakes: 75G Each
Cupcakes: 5G Each
Muffins: 10G Each
Extra Large Cookies: 100G Each
Large Cookies: 75G Bag
Medium Cookies: 25G Bag
Small Cookies: 10G Bag
Large Donuts: 25G Each
Medium Donuts: 15G Each
Small Donuts: 5G each
Gingerbread Shapes: 100G Box
Tarts: 25G Each
Flans: 250G Each
Strudel: 100G Each
Big Pie: 175G
Small Pie: 50G
Kifli (box of five): 500G
Surprise of the Day: Free with purchases over 1000G
Otherwise 750G

If there's anything you think I've missed off PM me. Also for the benefit of the doubt, Just ask me for the flavour of anything. I didn't specify because the list would be too long.

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Price List
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